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Professional Liability & Discipline

At PARKER MILLS LLP, we represent plaintiffs, defendants and provide consulting and litigation expert witness services throughout California in connection with professional negligence claims. Our attorneys have earned their reputation for excellence and have enjoyed a large number of successes in prosecuting and defending professional liability claims. We are uniquely qualified to handle or consult on various types of professional negligence claims, including the following.

Legal malpractice – We are unique in that represent plaintiffs and lawyers in a variety of legal malpractice claims, including litigation, tax, securities, real estate litigation and transactions, bankruptcy, family law, estate planning, insurance law, and entertainment law.

Accounting malpractice – We represent plaintiffs and accountants in a broad range of accounting malpractice contexts.

Real estate malpractice – The firm represents plaintiffs, real estate agents, real estate brokers, and real estate companies in connection with real estate malpractice claims.

Insurance malpractice – We represent plaintiffs, insurance agents, insurance brokers, insurance underwriters, and insurance companies in a variety of insurance malpractice contexts, including consulting on and evaluating coverage issues, and bad faith claims.

Broker-dealer – We prosecute and defend securities and investment related professional negligence actions, including NASD arbitrations, representing customers, brokers, dealers and agents.

Construction malpractice – We represent plaintiffs, designers, construction engineers, architects, and other professional in a variety of construction-related professional negligence contexts claims, including construction defects, delay damages, lost profits, and breach of contract claims.